Welcome to our downloads page. Here you will find various free downloads including tools, tutorials and even a full accounts package! Don't forget to check back often so you don't miss out on some really useful free downloads.

We also have links to the free Microsoft Access run-time versions on a separate Access Runtime page.

More detailed info on the links above:

Simple Accounts Software - full product

The Accounts Guardian simple accounts software package was designed with an accountant to save people time and money by keeping their books in order. It does not contain complex features or accountancy jargon. What this simple accounts software package does have is functions that most people genuinely need and it is very easy to learn and use.

Stock Database - example

Free stock management database example that can be created following steps in our article, YouTube video, or YouTube video without music

Stock Database - add-on many-to-many relationships

Stock management database add-on many-to-many relationships that can be created following steps in our article or YouTube video

Contact Management Database - example

Free contact management example database produced by following steps in our article or YouTube Video that can be edited and expanded upon to meet your specific needs

Import an Esri ASCII Grid into Microsoft Access

If you have geographic data stored in an Esri ASCII grid, this tool will convert it into an Access database table. The tool is an Access database using VBA.

Software Comparison Tool

You can work out whether it would be more cost effective for you to buy a bespoke software solution or an off-the-shelf one, using our free Bespoke vs Off-the-shelf Software Price Comparison Tool created in Excel. This tool is correct as of January 2017

Tournament Scores and Leaderboard Tool

Sports Scores and Leaderboard Tool - although it was originally designed for golf, it could be used for many other sports too. It is a fully-functioning leaderboard that can rank scores in ascending or descending order depending on personal requirements. It was also made to be used on tablet versions of Excel so includes no programming. This tool was created by a work experience student.

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