Here's what some of our clients are saying about Software-Matters:

"Software-Matters has helped us cope with a 300% increase in our business. We wouldn't have been able to grow without the database. It has saved us at least one extra admin person, so an £18k a year saving. Software-Matters offers friendly, personal, instantly available support."
Phil Staunton, Innovate

"One of the most important aspects, when faced with finding a solution to a business issue, is being able to discuss our requirements with someone who can grasp the realities of an organisation, then finding the most appropriate and cost effective 'bespoke' solution. We have found that Software-Matters meets these criteria in every way, delivering a solution on time and on budget with an excellent response time to any support or breakdown issues."
Hamworthy Heating

"Software-Matters is responsible for designing our bespoke databases that are critical to our ability to manage projects efficiently and effectively. The clever management and time saving devices e.g. To Do lists, Snapshot Views mean that my project managers can work extremely efficiently, meaning that I need to employ 50% fewer managers to do the work which results in substantial cost savings (£60,750 per year in one case), without any reduction in quality."

"I just wanted to thank you all [Software-Matters] for your hard work in designing and delivering a fantastic tool that has had some excellent feedback from the initial clients and contacts we have sent it through to, in terms of speed, has eliminated the delays by a huge amount, and allows me and the team to increase output in terms of number of modelled sites by an unquantifiable amount."
Giles Hanglin, Savills Energy

"We always speak to the same person for support, which makes it easier to build up a good working relationship."
Julie Smith, Savills Recruitment

"[Software-Matters] analysed supplied spreadsheet data to compile a complex graph; our team were very happy with the chart supplied.

We also really appreciated that you were able to help us with short timescales and will definitely call on your services the next time the need appears."
Shelley Dyson, On Screen Productions

"Software-Matters provides a personal service and you always speak to someone who understands your new database and your own business … often better than you do yourself."
John Bradley, JB Marine

"The Software-Matters service is well organised, and [with] no complications. Philippa was a fantastic associate, and although a direct solution was not possible she did her utmost best to come up with the next best alternative. She and the team made me feel welcomed and comfortable; I feel as though I can rely on them if I need anything in the future."
George Evripidou

"I am confident that the work that has been done to the database, along with the training and ongoing telephone support, will help me achieve my goals."
Vanessa Tye, Andersons

"The database enables us to have a much better control over organic stock. It is good to work with a small team who do their utmost to understand the exact needs of our business. The finished product is unique to us and therefore does what we want it to do. It is also important that the ongoing support is available for amendments/upgrades as required.

We are sure there are many businesses in Dorset that would benefit from your service."
Maxine Thrasher, B&W Feeds

"I would like to say thanks to yourself and your team for all your hard work.
We are very happy with the quoting system, for the first time ever we are looking at a system that we have confidence in."
Steve Ringsell, CFN Packaging

"Because databases need to be up and running at the front end of a project and inevitably need to be tweaked to adapt to the changing needs of projects, it is extremely important that the database designer can provide a price within budget and a timely telephone support service. I can't fault the service provided by Software-Matters. Prices are always within budget, turnaround times from instruction to delivery are fast and their support service is friendly and efficient."

"In these busy days when no one has time to make positive comments, I would like to thank you for the way in which you have professionally and efficiently helped our company."

"Philippa and her team have developed a crop production database. This is a complex piece of equipment as it has to take into consideration many varied aspects of our production cycle from our own production, bought-in stock, stock values and scheduling.

The system is complex but has a very easy front end and staff quickly get familiar with the workings and can manage the daily action with ease. The benefits to the business have been quickly established with a marked improvement in crop timings, plants being potted into the correct environments with the correct media and most importantly staff planning relative to the required work load."

"All the way through the development Philippa and her team at Software-Matters have been very supportive with quick replies and updates to the system. It has given our staff great confidence in undertaking what is a major step forward in our development and we look forward to developing this tool even further in the future."

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