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Would you like to save money on your accountancy fees?
Would you like to avoid accountancy fees altogether?

If you are...

...a small business or one-man-band
...a new business or an on-going one

And you want...

...more time to get on with your real work
...instant access to client/supplier information and reminders
...profit and cash information at your fingertips
...less stress at the end of each year
...a simple accounts software package well as reduced accountancy bills

Then Accounts Guardian is for you, so....

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What is Accounts Guardian?

Accounts Guardian is not an expensive off-the-shelf product or an un-supported, evolving open source project. This doesn't have loads of features that you will never use and is not complicated to learn.

This package was designed with an accountant to save people time and money by keeping their books in order but we wanted to keep things simple. What this simple accounts software package does have is functions that most people genuinely need and it is very easy to learn and use.

It was designed using MS Access so it is also easy to update, edit and add to if required.


Accounts Guardian is a powerful low-cost accounting package suitable for any UK business. It has all the standard accounting features you would expect from a standard bookkeeping software package.

  • Better business decisions made through ongoing access to accurate financial information
  • More time for your real job and bringing in new business
  • Avoid penalties for not filling in tax and VAT forms on time
  • Less stress through simplified admin
  • A more successful business
Simple Accounts Software for Small Businesses

When setting up or running a small business it is important to pay attention to the financial details right from the start. With this in mind, Software-Matters has produced this simple bookkeeping package that takes care of the day-to-day details. The system allows you to see your financial position at any time in the year; at the end of the year you may well be surprised at how much money you can save on accountancy fees when you have all the facts and figures readily available for your accountant.

The software holds details of :

  • Sales/Invoices – showing dates of sales/invoices, details, amounts, VAT if applicable, and dates paid
  • Costs incurred by your business. What did you buy? When did you buy it? Who was the supplier? Have you paid this bill yet?
  • Money Received. What payments have been received by the business? Which invoices were they in respect of?
  • Payments you have made. What money has gone out of your business and when? What was it paying for? How was payment made (Cash, cheque, credit card)?
  • Suppliers and Customers – names, contact details and important notes.

It also allows you to record details for more than one account.  For example, you may well have expenditure that you pay privately but need to log as expenses.  And it will allow you to transfer a recorded balance between one account and another, for example from the business account into petty cash or credit card.

This simple bookkeeping package shows you, at a glance, how much money you have in your accounts, what money is owed to you, and how much you owe, so that your financial position is clear to you at all times.

In addition, it is quick and easy to reconcile the records against your statements as you receive them.

It is straightforward to use and has clear instructions for users without an accountancy background. It is written in UK English and relevant to the British accounting and financial system.

The Accounts Guardian simple accounts software package was developed by a team experienced in business, software development and accountancy. We have been helping all sorts of businesses to run more efficiently for fifteen years, and know that using software like this is key to success, enabling you to focus on running your business, not doing the accounts.

You can download a free copy of Accounts Guardian simple accounts software here.

Software that's easy to use!

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"I would like to say thanks to yourself and your team for all your hard work.
We are very happy with the quoting system; for the first time ever we are looking at a system in which we have confidence."

Steve Ringsell, CFN Packaging

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